About Us

paula edgington

I have been in the flowers and plants industry for over 35 years. This has included working in the head office of two major high street retailers and on the other side of the fence in the commercial growing and packing of flowers and plants supplying many different retail customers.

I have also worked as a consultant in the industry and started my own consultancy business in 2012 utilising my industry experience focusing on installing or improving quality management systems and the development and auditing of good agricultural practice certification schemes within the industry.

However, I had a desire to also do something creative and back in 2018 started popupblooms.com.

What I wanted for popupblooms:

  • to be first and foremost authentic
  • to create naturally beautiful flowers that people would love
  • to use all my industry knowledge to enhance my business
  • to provide good quality products that customers would enjoy and get good value for money from
  • to teach people how to create things – I love taking workshops
  • to work as sustainably as I possibly could
  • to source and use as many UK and locally grown seasonal flowers whenever possible
arrangements in vases